Below Geist Reservoir

79th Street Bridge to 71st Street Bridge

Distance: 1.34 miles

dam remains on Fall Creek in Ft Harrison SPRiver Features: Downstream of the 79th Street bridge you will see a few houses before passing through wooded Fort Harrison State Park property. Herons and many other types of wildlife were often seen on this section. The next bridge you come upon is for 71st Street, and the take-out is just upstream to under the bridge on the right.

Hazards: Just downstream of the 79th Street bridge is a large submerged pipe crossing the creek. It sticks up higher in the middle, but it is passable on the right. Then, shortly into the Fort Harrison State Park stretch there is another submerged pipe (also passable on the right) followed by the stone remains of a defunct dam (see photo above). The dam is passable on the left, or through a chute in the middle if the water is high enough.

map of Fall Creek from 79th St to 71st St
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